Proper Pervert

He is staring at my tits. Yawn. So been there, so done that. Yet another perk of having DD-cup breasts, not to be outdone by other nifty benefits like: having an automatic napkin to catch crumbs and assorted food, or a shelf for my cats to nap, or a place to rest the TV remote. […]

Nothing Ruins Christmas Like Shopping

He is here. At my front door again.  We spent two nights together. And now, the adorable fucker always comes back. And he just sits there. Looking so damn cute. That’s how he sucked me in the first time. I don’t even know he’s out there. Until my cats go batshit crazy. Growling. Throwing their […]

Escape From Thanksgiving Alcatraz

“Who is coming to the Christmas party?,” my boss asked in the last meeting. [Honestly, can we just focus on one painful charade – I mean holiday – at a time? Thanksgiving isn’t even over, for crissakes!] “Do people still go to that insipid thing?” I respond without a beat. Let’s flashback to the Christmas […]